for the love of capri sun...

There are many integral parts of a "happy" childhood, are there not?  If I think back to the things that made me smile as a kid, they weren't huge and complicated things, but more like simple things.  Staying up late, watching a favorite show, being with a friend, having a few dollars to call my own and begging for certain items to be purchased at the grocery store.  A Capri Sun drink was one of those things.

Funny thing is, it's still one of those things.  My boys do the same thing I did as a child: run up to the juice boxes, peruse for a bit, then grab the most exciting looking box and run to me saying, "Can we pleeeeeeease buy these!?".

Usually it's a no.  Most juices are full of sugar and nothing else.  My kids aren't perfect eaters, so I try to do my best to curb the non-nutritious items when I have control over them.  In fact, for the first few years of their lives, they never had juice of any type.  It was always milk or water.  Then I had a child in school.  Needing a lunch and a drink.  Enter Capri Sun Roarin' Waters Flavored Water Beverage.  It's a flavored water type beverage disguised as a juice box.  And my kids love them.  In fact, my kids love any variety of Capri Sun because they think they are getting one over on me by having them in the first place.  They just can't believe their luck when they run up to me with that box and do their begging, and I actually say "Yes!". :)

It makes them happy and makes me happy because comparatively there is far less sugar and other nonsense in Capri Sun than in most other brands of juice.  I feel as though I can give my kids a Capri Sun Super V Fruit and Vegetable Juice Drink and not have to prepare myself and the household for the inevitable sugar high that comes from certain other "juice" drinks.  Super V even has the added bonus of a little fruit and veggie serving with each one!*

There aren't many items in the store that my kids love and want me to buy that I will say "yes" to, Capri Sun is one of them and I am happy to do it!  It makes life a little easier when it comes to packing a lunch and makes them feel like they are getting a sweet little slice of childhood.  One that isn't full of sugar, artificial colors or flavors.  Bonus points all around. :)

What's your favorite way to "indulge" your kids in a way that still makes you happy as a parent?

Each pouch provides 1/2 cup of fruit and vegetable juice. According to U.S. dietary guidelines, Capri Sun Super V Fruit and Vegetable Drink contains one combined serving of fruit and vegetables--3/4 from fruit juice and 1/4 from vegetable juice. Be sure to feed your kids a variety of whole fruits and vegetables each day.

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