a back to school update.

Since many of you have asked, knowing our not so great school history, Moses is doing amazingly well at his new school! :)

For those who don't know, last year was Moses' first year of school in a public setting.  His two years of preschool previously were in a wonderful private preschool where we got used to the idea of him being LOVED and well taken care of in a school setting. 

The school he is slotted to attend in our area is not so wonderful.  Over the school year we witnessed a transformation in our little Moses, from a sweet, obedient, happy to go to school kid to a moody, sad, cry every time we took him to school kid.  It was heartbreaking to witness. We thought it may be a phase and would pass in time but as time moved forward, it just got worse.  Our conclusion at the end of the year was that he was kind of emotionally and spiritually starved while at school. 

You see, in our school district there is a lot of poverty and all that brings (SOMEtimes) and A LOT of kids in his class.  He was one of 25 kids in his kindergarten class.  And he is very much a "pay me no attention" kind of kid.  What I mean is that he is not a trouble maker.  He values obedience when it comes to school settings and would often get looked over because he already knew the work they were doing (remember that wonderful preschool?!) so he finished quickly and he wasn't a trouble maker.  He came home with A LOT of coloring sheets on a daily basis because he was just being kept occupied while the teacher caught those who didn't understand up and disciplined the trouble makers.  He was bit three times by the same kid over the course of the year, brought home questionable content and starting around the New Year would cry every time he had to go to school.  He complained that he was lonely there. 

It was heartbreaking.  Now before you yell at me for jumping to conclusions based on poverty and class size, know that I was a social worker IN THIS AREA, and our connecting the dots took months to solidify.  Poverty and many social issues go hand in hand a lot of the time, not all of the time.  I don't think that his teachers were terrible at all.  I just think they were dealing with 25 little kids, many of whom lived in houses where poverty was rampant and had a large variety of problems because of circumstances out of their control.  On top of all of that their number one mission was to make sure the kids passed a national test eventually, you know, to keep their jobs.  Moses was just falling between the cracks.

At the end of the school year we decided to enroll him at a local private Christian school. 

And from the first moment we knew we made the right choice.  When we went to interview with the principal the first thing we did with her was pray.  Moses' class is tiny in comparison to last year, his teacher loves the Lord, the school is dedicated to raising children who know and handle life issues biblically.

The school is worried about Moses as a PERSON.  There is no agenda to make sure he passes a test but instead they focus on his growth in every facet, spiritually, educationally, physically, etc.  They care about the man of God he becomes and not what number he gets on the test.  Though education is obviously very important.  

I could feel a difference in the atmosphere on the very first day.  It was like Dorothy stepping into Oz for the first time.  Teachers were happy and hugging students, kids were called by name and asked about how they were.  Moses was excited to go to school.  A huge difference in agenda.  It's been pretty amazing so far.

We are all excited to see what the school year holds and look forward to sending Aaron there next year as well! :)   

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