juicy bits of summer {finally!}

Somehow it's mid-July and just now starting to feel like summer.  I don't know if it is all of the traveling or all of the rain but it seems that summer has just begun here in Virginia.  I am happy to have all of the long trips behind us and look forward to savoring what is left of summer.

I often think about how amazing it is to even have seasons.  God gives our restless souls just enough of each season and all it brings to fill us up and a little too much to make us start to crave what will come next.  He could have left it all the same, but in His great love for us He gave us splendid variety instead.  A small blessing in some ways, and pretty amazing in others.

Anyways...here's what we have been up to. :) Above is a little shot of my garden a couple of weeks ago...
And here it is more recently!  As you can see, the sunflowers in the back now peek over the fence to say hello to the neighbors!  Everything is growing well, except my grape vine, which fell victim to beetles while we were away.  
Sunflowers and zinnias seem to like our backyard. 
We resurrected our skateboard swing to hang from the rafters of the garage.  The boys have loved having a space to play outdoors even with the rain.   
Moses was baptized!! Hooray!  It was an awesome thing to witness and such an encouragement to this mom's heart. 
We made good on a promise to the boys...and adopted a kitten.  Meet Gertrude. 
We are trying to squeeze in pool time whenever it seems it *might* be warm enough...a weird thing to have to say in July. 
Aaron just might love her to death.  
We've been working on our summer list..."pick blueberries", check!
And from those berries...jam! 
Lots of playground time. :) It's been great to be able to work and do fun things.  I love, love, love the flexibility of my job and time.  It amazes me everyday what God has orchestrated for my family! 
Some outdoor concert time. 
Something on my summer bucket list..."make sauerkraut".  
I hope it turns out well...it was so easy to make.  Now I have to wait 2-3 weeks to find out if I was successful! 
And hohos...12 a day at least. :) My waiting list is currently through September.  You can email me to get on it {ricracandpompoms @ gmail.com} or follow the hoho Instagram account {littlebitfunkyhohos} to try your luck at snagging an "up for grabs" one!

I hope your summer is going lovely!  I love to hear from you!


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