God & wheel of fortune.

I feel like I have to apologize every time I get on here to finally write something.  It's not that I don't want to blog or that dozens of posts don't get written in my head on a daily basis, but finding the time and energy and "want to" to write down all of thoughts is something that is alluding me of late.

It's not that life isn't wonderful.  It's not that life hasn't been complicated.  Nothing is wrong or overly stressful right now. 

It's just busy.  Full and good in all the right ways, but busy.

My heart is full of learning.  God has been talking to me in interesting ways lately.  Little tid-bits here and there that make me pause and wonder "what could this mean all on it's own"?  It's not until days later that I get it...like getting the letter clues on Wheel of Fortune, the contestants are getting new bits of the puzzle all the time, it's not until they get "enough" that they can solve the puzzle.  And "enough" looks differently for everyone.   Some can solve the puzzle with just a letter or two, some practically need it spelled out for them. 

God's ways can be a little bit like Wheel of Fortune.  Each and every day, sometimes each and every moment, He gives us a letter or lets us buy a vowel.  He sits and watches us examine these gifts, assign them value or guess their worth.  Sometimes we are frantic in finding what it's supposed to spell out, causing ourselves to stress and worry.  Sometimes we are too busy doing things we were never meant to do to solve the puzzle just then.  Sometimes we have to walk away and come back with a fresh perspective because we let less important things get in our way.  Sometimes we try to read more into it than we should, relying on our own wisdom instead of His.   All of this results in us missing out, just a little and {sometimes just temporarily}.

And always, the letters He gives are meaningful.  Our ability to interpret them has no bearing on their actual meaning but it can sure screw up how we apply them, yes?

I'm learning more and more to (instead of frantically trying to interpret meaning RIGHT NOW to) store these letters in my heart, given enough time and patience, His message to me always becomes clear.  His timing is always perfect and immaculate.  His patience with me, never ending.

And in due time, the puzzle becomes crystal clear.  Always.

So if you are feeling frantic, pause and take a breath, ask Him the way.  If you are feeling frazzled, examine how you are spending your time.  The Father's plan for us does not involve stress or panic.  If we follow His plan there is time for all He wants us to do, including solving the latest puzzle in our lives. 

His timing is perfect.  His peace, everlasting and His patience, enduring.



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