work out clothes that are cute {win $100}

I am not a workout person.  Just not.  I have tried and tried but there is not a cell in my body that LIKES to exercise let alone loves it.

But I do it.  Not because I love it but because I appreciate the benefits of it.  I like having more energy.  I like buying smaller clothes.  So I do it.  Begrudgingly.  And I try to encourage others to do it also.

Know what a nice little motivator to exercise is?  Cute workout clothes.  It's true.  Also, cupcakes work as well but we'll focus on the cute workout clothes.

Albion Fit sent me a workout outfit of choice and I could not be happier with the quality.  The shirt I chose is comfy enough to wear all the time.  So are the capris for that matter, but that is not acceptable in public (I don't care that it IS a trend right now).

The workout clothes make me feel like a pro. Even if I am far from it.  They are comfortable enough to nap in but that's besides the point since we are talking about exercise here.

Do you need a little motivation?  How about $100 to Albion Fit to choose some lovely new workout clothes for yourself? 
And actually, if you are already to the "fit" place you can just skip right over to the swimsuit section to grab a new suit for the summer?

Want a chance to win? Here's what you gotta do:
1. Go "like" their FB page HERE.
2. Pin your favorite item from their website and then...
3.  Come back here and leave me a link to that pin!

In the meantime, enjoy a little discount.  Use the code: littlefunky15 for $15 off of any order of $50 or more (good through the 8th of June!). 

Now go find some motivation! :)

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