Ready to see what's been up? Here we are working on our summer list.  Moses was really bummed that I wouldn't add "sacrifice animals as gifts to God" to our summer list.  Later on Aaron wanted to play "Jesus, Jesus, where's my foot".  So the good news is that they are getting something out of church and Bible time.  Something. :)
I normally make about 50 hohos a week.  This week I made about 70 in two days.  I rewarded myself appropriately.
 Aaron's drawings are pretty cute.
Last weekend the boys and I made stepping stones.  Moses' is a VT (for Virginia Tech).  A cute cheap craft (kit from Michael's). 
I replaced all my summer shorts with size 4's.  SIZE FOURS.  Crazy. 
Yesterday was a good day for the lake. 
Moses is looking very grown. 
 The boys now own a typewriter.  Writing letters is on our summer list so it's kind of perfect. :)
 Inspiration wall got a couple of Noodle and Lou additions.
 We celebrated Faturday.  On Sunday. 
 Moses drew this and then said "Make sure you show your other (internet) people".  Consider yourself shown.
 Little man in a fedora.  Golfing. 
Tiny pink sewing machines are awesome. 
 Cardinals making out at my bird feeder. 
Aaron working on his wink. 
 Mushrooms in the garden.
 Part of the hohos from this week.
And my very first peonies. 

And now you are all caught up. :)

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