some hoho love.

More than I could ever hope or imagine.  That's how the hohos have blessed me.  I'm amazed on a daily basis that God has allowed me to provide for my family needs in such a creative, fun and joy spreading way.

Hohos are on fire.  People love them.  I daily get emails showing some cute little one cuddling their hoho.  I get stories about them showing up to comfort in the emergency room or a late night foster care placement.  Just a couple weeks ago I made a hoho for a special girl with an eye injury, and wouldn't you know, her hohos eye was injured on the same side. :)

I LOVE my job.  And I am so thankful for the support it receives daily.  I adore my customers.  I couldn't ask for a better bunch of folks.   
These may be my favorite hohos to make.  They are keepsake hohos.  Do you have a favorite outfit from your little one?  A shirt or a blanket that means a lot to you?  Send it to me and let me give it new life as a hoho!
Can you handle this level of cuteness?  I can't. Do you need one?  I'd love to make you one.  Just email me to get on the list! (Right now the wait is through the end of July!). 

I've also had several requests to bring back my hoho print...and I finally got to it!  You can find both of these prints in the shop as instant downloads.  :) Add a little hoho love to your wall!

Hope your weekend is lovely and that you feel blessed in a special way!

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