solo post worthy gift

Don't you love the internet?  
For all the yuck it throws out, some pretty wonderful stuff comes out of it as well.  I love the people I've found and friends I've made and the amazing things I've found to make my home ME.  

Enter Ariel from Newspaper Balloon.  She draws the most adorable portraits ever.  I have three that grace my walls and have given several away to friends as gifts (of their families of course). :) 

Last week was a tough one for me and Ariel, the darling that she is, sent this to me in the mail as a surprise gift.  Is there a more perfect portrait of my job right now? 
I love it so much.  It will hang on my walls forever and remind me of this phase of my life forever.

Thank you friend for noticing my rough time and blessing me in such an awesome way!

And if you haven't gotten a portrait from Ariel yet...what are you waiting for?!

You can also find her on IG under newspaperballoon :)


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