Happy Memorial Day!! {and a little catch up, too!}

This post brought to you by me quitting Facebook some time ago and me wanting to keep my in-laws up to speed with what the boys are doing... starting with swimming lessons...Moses is great at floating!
Saturday morning donuts have become  a staple.  
My children are braver than me. :) 
And cuter.  
And the hohos...still going strong. 
 Mother's Day was awesome.  Being their mother is even more awesome.
We celebrated Norwegian constitution day with 13in Norwegian pancakes.
I finally got to the dermatologist.  And did not get through the appointment without a "this needs to go" for the millionth.  Please don't tan and please go the dermatologist.  
The boys are fascinated with snails. 
The garden is growing. 
The lower 40 is prospering. 
Hoho still has days where he will wear capes all day. 
They are an awesome way to start a day. 
We were just playing a nice game.  And then he shot me in the face.  Pew-pew-pew!
Vader in the garden. 
Rainbows in the sky. 
 A wall rearranged.
 Again with the donuts!
 Today! Because we never have a photo of the two of us!
He is cute. 
And he finally has a fedora.  And he's pretty handsome. 
Hohos ready for the weeks workload. 
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Hope your weekend is going great and you've enjoyed my little catch up! :)


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