another pallet project {outdoor table from pallets for about $40}

So...I have two boys.  And I wanted an outdoor table big enough to seat us all.  Most of the tables out there are really expensive and involve glass.  Not a good combo when combined with two boys. 
Enter my favorite medium, the pallet.  Free.  Durable.  Boy tough.  Done!
All I had to buy was the wood to build the frame/legs using treated lumber.
The boys immediately started using it as a fort, the perfect size for one!  I took it one step further and added a hammock underneath that they LOVE to hang out in, especially Aaron.
It's the perfect little hidden place and as a bonus, both boys can use it at once, comfortably.

The top is a teeny bit uneven, wonky, sanded and lovely.  In other words "will not be harmed by little boys".
I also built a couple of benches to use as seating, also from pallets except for the legs.

I can't really offer any plan for building one...I started with the pallets face down (using six of them), figured out a way to frame them all together, nailed and screwed it all together until I was sure it was stable.

Basically I made it all up as I went along.  But I thought you might like the inspiration.

Made anything fun and cheap lately?


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