a last minute mother's day gift {that you still have plenty of time to make} and a coupon code to help a mother out!

So the other day I decided to give a little something to Aaron's teachers for Mother's Day because, well, they do a great job of mothering him when I am not around.  It's east to see that they love him and he loves them, so why not.  Thing was, I had approximately 1 hour to figure something out and execute it.  Crafty friends to the rescue!

This little something is a collaboration of a few different crafty friends I happen to love.
The quote is by my friend Love, print created by my friend MJ from Echoes of Mercy and tags by my friend from Raising Up Rubies.  The print I had on hand, I ordered it some time ago and loved it so much that I had extras printed up to save as gifts.    
The perfect mothers day quote, don't you think? You can get it right HERE at Echoes of Mercy.

Added a cute Raising Up Rubies tag...

Some bakers twine and washi and I called it done!  They were really well received. 

The frames were a lucky, inexpensive find from Micheals.   You can order the file from Echoes of Mercy, send it to the one hour printer, run and buy some frames and be all set before you know it!

And it just so happened as I was getting all set to write this post, my friend MJ was getting ready for a big change...wouldn't you know it, she was preparing for something special...

Here is her post from Instagram:
So not only can you get a lovely mother's day gift done, you can also help a sweet baby cope with something she never should have to deal with...

You can also use the code BABYELSIE to save 15% off of your entire order! Win. Win. Win.

Ready?  Go get started now!


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