operation "no more school tears" {end of school countdown}.

We're digging in here to get Moses through the rest of the year.  We are praying and listening.  We are seeking and looking and trying to come up with any idea we can to help fill up his little love tank and help him sail through the rest of the year.  We have some tricks up our sleeves and we will pull them out as we need them.   
We started with his love languages.  {Do you know about love languages?  They have books for all people, kids, marrieds, singles, etc, it's basically a "learn how to love someone so they feel loved" kind of book"...worth reading!}.  Moses' love languages appear to be one on one time and gifts. 
Last night I spent some time working on a little "countdown until the end of the year" advent to fill up his "gifts" love tank. 
I used small muslin bags that I had on hand but you could use paper bags or baggies or whatever you can find on the cheap.
I stamped each one with the numbers 1-25 (days of school we have left) and I used my new tape from "Oh, Hello friend" to attach them to a sliding door in a common area of our house, countdown style. 

I added some washi tape for color (because washi tape is pretty much worthless for adhesion). :) 
I'm happy to report that so far the idea of this seems to be helping him.  He got on the bus happily this morning and I can't remember the last time he did that.
When he gets home from school each day he gets to open that days bag (I made one for Aaron too because, well, that just seemed like the right thing to do). 
Each bag holds a small prize (think dollar bins, office supplies, small candy or party favors). 
This bag was probably the most expensive but he loves post its.  The others have smaller prizes {character fruit snack I never buy, gum, lollipops} and a few "bigger" ones {a match box car, a bouncy ball, pencils}.  
So far, this and some of our other tricks seem to be turning the page for him a bit.  We will have to work hard to keep up his moral but that's time well spent in my book. 

Just thought I would share in case you have a little one in your house that needs a little motivation to get through the year with a happy heart.


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