hardest job ever gets harder every day.

Ready for some random rambling? Ok, good because that's about what I am good for lately.  See if you can hang in there and follow along. :) 
Can we talk about how hard parenting is?  How ridiculously crazy hard it is and how it gets harder.  Every.  Single. Day. 

Those sleep deprived newborn days?  EASY.  I would go back there in a heartbeat.  Easy.  Feed, change, sleep, repeat.  No need to worry about hurt feelings, or school, or heartache or anything complicated.  Just easy A+B=C sort of tasks.

I'm sorry if you are in the baby stage and you are thinking that is hard.  No one every told me otherwise either.  It gets harder every year.  Those babies become little people growing up in a harsh world full of people who don't love them as much as you do.  You have to make hard choices and make your kids do things that make them sad.  It's tough.

School has not been awesome for Moses this year.  He used to love LOVE school but now I can't remember the last time he went without tears.  He says he's bored.  I think he is that and lonely and a bit attention starved.  He's a sweet, sensitive soul that needs one on one time to thrive and you just don't get that in a school crammed full and whose main objective is getting kids to pass SOLs.  We are fortunate enough to have a wonderful small private school in our area and we've enrolled Moses there for next year.  Now getting through the next few weeks will be our challenge.  Ideas and prayers are appreciated.   
This kid is just all sorts of awesome.  Fun and funny and laid back and care free.  Nothing bothers him in general but when it does? Oh man, he hurts deep.  He and I went on a little date tonight.  It's great fun to follow him around a store and listen to his littler quips and chirps.  He made friends with a lovely older man from Spain named George at the bookstore.  It made me a little teary to hear him say "Nice to meet you, George", then later yell in his most country voice "Byyyyyee, hor-hay!!!" as he was leaving.  George, was of course pronounced as they do in Spanish by a little blonde country boy. 
My garden is bursting at every seam.  I've crammed it full with most of my favorites.  These peonies are at the top of the list.  You can bet I will check them daily for those blooms.
This is my other awesome son.  It's amazing how two kids can be so different when they share the same parents.  He is sensitive, kind hearted and rule following.  I'm praying hard that next year will be amazing for him.  He needs a good, long, positive experience to make up for this year.
 Spring lingers on...mild days that need a jacket but enough sun to warm you up.  We've continued on our daily bike rides around the neighborhood.
Aaron's favorite game?  Roll fast.  His own creation.  We play daily.  
Like I said, daily bike rides.  They both ride so well this Spring.  Mom has to walk fast to keep them in sight. 
To make up for an especially teary good-bye at the bus stop, I picked this one up early and took him to Sonic for a slush.  Shhhh...
Despite my strong distaste for exercise, I've begun the 30 day shred again.  Day 8 is done.  I hate every minute of it but I stick to it only because results do come if you stick to it.  
My newest hoho creation?  A "mama and me" duo...just a little baby wearing hoho.  I'm taking a limited number of orders for these sweet little pairs that come with a little "wrap" for carrying baby.  Email me if you're interested. :) (ricracandpompoms@gmail.com)

And that's a wrap for the week.  Thankfully, I've managed to schedule all of my work for Monday-Friday leaving weekends wide open for family fun and relaxation!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!


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