Easter, April and Lately

Wanna quick catch up? Last weekend was awesome.  Heck, every weekend seems to be awesome.  We live in such a great area just full to the brim with things to do every weekend.  Last weekend we drove out to Flloyd...a real live Mayberry. :) The boys loved this "big city". 
Virginia is completely over dramatic and bipolar in the Spring.  One day flowers a blooming and the next day snow is falling.  But I still love her. 
 Brothers.  I love to see their escapades. 
First day of spring break.  Moses has had a rough go of Kindergarten.  The easiest way to sum it up is that I feel like his little soul is starving.  Doug and I have decided to do what it takes to put him (and both boys) in a local private Christians school next year.  I already feel better about his future.   
I love being a mother to boys.  It's always interesting to see where their little sense of style comes out.  Moses begged for these glasses. 
Last weekend I was tortured in the least humane way possible.  Or I took the boys to Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party.  Same difference.  
Aaron likes to yell "Team Johnsen, ASSEMBLE" instead of "mom...MOM...MOM...mom".  
Easter baskets. With another Koufax of course. 
A little belated April fools fun for Moses' lunch box.  
This kid has style.  
We worked the Easter egg hunt circuit pretty well this year.  Four total.  The boys were thrilled to oblige. 
Sweet little bunny girl.  
Can someone please tell me how my boys got so big so fast? 
 Dyed eggs.  In color order of course.
The best way to get kiddies to ALL look at the camera at the same time?  On the count of three have all the parents yell.  Worked like a charm. 
I made the big mistake of eating one of the eggs the boys dyed at school.  BIG mistake.  Big.  But the good news is that I did lose five pounds...
 And as soon as I felt better my house got a great scrubbing. 
 Oh Virginia...one minute we are blowing bubbles...
 And the next you are dumping six inches of snow on us...literally two hours later. 
We won't even talk about how I had JUST planted my berries in the garden.  Hoping that my ghetto greenhouse saves the day.
Even the boys want nothing to do with snow these days.  We painted cute ceramics from Michael's instead.  
And lastly...I'm giving away hohos on my IG feed!  Come find me there (littlebitfunky) to find out how to win a pair of bitties this weekend!

And speaking of weekends...I hope you have a great one!


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