almost May.

Hello friends.
How are you?  Still out there, seeing me through this weird blogging slump I've been in? 
I'm not sure what my issue has been lately, but I'm hoping it will pass like they all have in the past. 
In the meantime, how about some more photos of what we've been up to lately?
Spring has officially arrived and we take advantage of it and Aaron's bike riding ability to ride around the block as much as possible. 
The boys are taking swimming lessons again.  Moses is excelling.  Aaron doesn't think he needs them and proceeds to swim of to the deep end of the pool every fifteen minutes.  I'm just thankful they keep letting him come back. 
Hoho's all day every day. 
More large art pieces for church.  More to come. 
Life lesson 3242: if you get the chance to get cupcakes for a large group of officers, you do it.  Cupcake love goes a long way. 
A random fire truck visit. 
What Aaron wants to wear to swimming lessons. 
Watching the Hokies play baseball...
 Until Aaron passes out.  And we learn that he sleeps with his eyes open and crossed. 
Our neighborhood is all sorts of beautiful right now.  
 Aaron learned to play go-fish.
Did I mention spring is here? Finally.  It's regularly warm enough to be outside and everyone is happier about that.
And more hohos.  Some come pre-cuddled if you're lucky. 
 And more hohos...
 ...and more...
 ...and more...
...and more. 

It's turned in to my full-part time job.  And I kind of love it.  No, I really love it. 

Do you want a hoho?  I offer them up for grabs Monday, Wednesday and Fridays on Instagram {you can find me there as littlebitfunky}.  I have a waiting list and right now it goes through the end of June.  Crazy.  And awesome.  I'm regularly humbled that this is my job.  And I have such awesome customers, who come back again and again.   

My favorite thing ever is being tagged in a photo of a sweet little one cuddling a hoho.  That kind of love never gets old.

I hope your spring is going well...are you as ready for school to be over as much as I am?

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