sick days {part three}

One more post about how we spend our sick days! I've loved hearing all of the ways that you make the most of the times when your little ones aren't so well.

You can go peek over at the other posts here if you like.

Generally speaking if we are too ill for school or church, that doesn't mean we are too sick for fun.  In fact, I can only recall a time or two when the boys wanted to do NOTHING but lie there in their misery.  For those times we pull out favorite movies and watch them on repeat all day long.  What are your favorite sick day movies?  Our favorites are Despicable Me, Cars and all of the Toy Story movies.  Also on days like this I am super thankful for kids channels on TV...I mean what a lifesaver. 

If the boys are a little better than "misery" we will throw some books in there to help relieve some of my mom guilt about them watching TV all day, even if they ARE sick.  

If they are a step or three above miserable I like to pull out the craft activities that we don't always do but don't require a lot of energy to enjoy.  My boys LOVE watercolors.  They will sit and sit and sit for hours if I let them.  I've learned that if I draw them something in black marker they will sit and paint it in with colors for hours if we let them.  It also helps if we give them subject paint a dog or your brother or a picture to mail to grandma.  Giving them a bit of purpose goes a long way to holding their attention.

I also like to keep my eyes open for small craft projects in the $1 bins at Target or Micheal's.  There always seems to be something simple and seasonal that my boys would like to make. 

If all else fails I have one word for you: Pinterest.  You can type in something simple like "preschool activities" and up pops hundreds of ideas for you to put to use.  You will find more ideas for crafts than you could do in a thousand sick days, many that will use items that you already have on hand.  And if you are worried you might not have the "right" items on hand, I suggest putting together a little sick day kit that you keep stashed in the closet.

Some items you may want to include in your "sick day kit":
construction paper
new crayons
glue sticks
foam stickers
small craft projects from the $1 bins
maybe even a small toy or two

The important thing is to keep it away from your kids.  The element of "new" is a big part of it's magic.

Hopefully these tricks and a little Children's Mucinex can help you salvage an otherwise slump of a day.

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