Lord have mercy.

Man.  Sorry for the lapse of posting but dang, these last couple of weeks have been kicking my booty.  I'll start by saying that my life is very good.  I'm thankful for no real issues.  Everything I am dealing with at the moment is a tiny blip on the map of my life.  I just seem to be dealing with a lot of blips at the moment and the weight of all of them combined is just exhausting me.  I'm not complaining or yelling about unfairness.  I'm saying I am exhausted and tired and in dire need of a win.    

Now I'm about to talk about a taboo topic here.  I've been researching and discussing it and dealing with it for some time and before I dared talk about it here I wanted to be firm in my position on it so I could take whatever blows or criticisms I received about it.  I have found that this topic makes people very opinionated.  Usually people who have babies (or no children!!!) and are still in the "know it all" phase of raising children where the reality of knowing nothing has yet to settle in. 

I'm talking about bedwetting.  And we are combating it in this house.  We always said that we would deal with it when it started to bother the child that was it was concerning and that time has come.

So far we have tried lifting (taking him to bed at certain times of night), I've read a couple of books, tons of articles, talked to our pediatrician, restricted liquids before bed, and tried various different natural remedies.  All of which didn't do a speck of good for any of us except raise hopes to only drop them on the ground lower than before.  Time to get crazy.  I bought an alarm.  A $100 alarm.  We are four nights in and I am as tired as I was when I had newborns.

Lacking sleep is not the best version of Crystal to come across.  I literally have to pray before I fall asleep at night to be nice to my son when he comes to wake me for help with the alarm.

I want you to know that if you are dealing with this, it is NOT YOUR FAULT.  Or your kids fault.  It's just luck of the draw.  Especially if you have boys and/or a family history of bedwetting.  1% of 18 year old, male army recruits still wet the bed.  It's just a reality of raising kids that some of us have to deal with, just like night terrors or allergies.  

I am dealing with a couple of weeks of exhaustion here.  Again, I realize this is small potatoes and I know we will get to the other side.  I'll happily review all of the products and books we used to help anyone else out there that I can.

So add to that...I am having some sort of allergic reaction to something in my environment causing a full blown rash covering my arms and legs.  So when I DO get to sleep, I don't get to sleep, I itch.  I've tried everything I can think of to get rid of it, ointments, medications, changing shampoos, etc.  Nothing.

Add to that a series of things that would never even cause a peak on the scale if these other two things weren't present...lots of snow days, paypal shipping not working, paying a huge tax bill, etc.  Everything is magnified by a rash and bedwetting.  

Remember when I said I was praying for patience in 2013?  Yeah, I'm on the verge of screaming "UNCLE!!!???". 

Prayers are appreciated.

In the mean time...any ideas for tutorials here? 
I'd love to hear what you would like to see?

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