DIY Ressurections Eggs {20 minute crafter} How to talk to your kids about Easter

On this Palm Sunday I thought I would share a simple, straight forward way to talk to your kids about the beauty of Easter.

Resurrection Eggs use plastic Easter eggs and items you probably have lying around the house. 

In case these are new to you, I thought I would share each item and a scripture that corresponds.

Place each item in an egg, hide them all, have the kids find them and talk about the significance of each item in turn.

Here's a list for you:

1) Bread/small cracker - Signifies the last meal Jesus shared with his disciples.  Mark 14:22 and Luke 22:14

2) Silver dimes- Judas betrays Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.  Luke 22:3-5 and Matthew 26:14-15

3) Thorns - Signifies the crown of thorns that that guards used to mock Jesus.  Matthew 27:29-31

4) Nails - Jesus was nailed to a cross to die despite being innocent.  Matthew 27:31

5) The cross - Jesus was placed on a cross between two criminals.

6) Sponge - They put cheap wine on a sponge at the end of a stick and tried to make Jesus drink it.   Matthew 27:48

7) Dice - When he died, the guards threw dice to determine who would win Jesus' clothes.  John 19:23-24

8) Gauze/White cloth - After he died, Jesus friends wrapped him in cloth and laid him in a tomb.  Luke 23:53 and Matthew 27:62-66

9) Stone - Those who killed him placed a huge stone in front of the tomb to make sure no one could get Jesus out.  Matthew 27:62-66

10) An empty egg! - Three days later the huge stone was moved and Jesus was gone.  An angel told Mary that Jesus had risen and this is why we celebrate Easter!  Luke 24:3,6 and Matthew 28:2-6 

What a precious week we are entering.  What an amazing gift we can share with our children.  I've heard it before but it was mentioned today that the chances of ONE person fulfilling only EIGHT of the prophesies about the messiah is one in 10 (to the 17th power). 

That number would make enough thin mints to cover the entire state of Texas with two feet of cookies.  The probability of those 8 prophesies coming true (in one person) are the same as though you took one of those thin mints, removed the chocolate and threw it in the Texas sized pile, mixed them up completely and randomly managed to choose the non-chocolate one.

If that wasn't amazing enough, Jesus fulfilled about 300 overall and 29 in one day.  

I love when science/math proves Jesus.

It's a beautiful thing.

Happy Palm Sunday everyone.


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