won't you "bee" my valentine? {free printable}

I made you something for Valentines day! :)

Actually, I made something so the boys would have a little something for their teachers for Valentines Day...and I like you enough to share with you, too!

Do you love Burt's?  I love Burt's...the only chapstick that lives regularly in our house...stashed everywhere so I can always find some.  Inspiration for these Valentines wasn't far from me... 

Want to see what I made?
I wanted to do something a little special for the teachers...but these would be great for friends too, don't you think?  Or your mail lady...or a neighbor...whoever needs a little love.
These take just a minute to whip up...all you do is print (on cardstock) the free printable I've made for you...trim and staple to a treat bag you can get at Michael's or Joann.  I found Burt's at Target but I'm sure it's everywhere.
And there you have a sweet little gift.  It doesn't get better than Burt's does it?
Do you love it? 
If you want to make these...just follow this link to download the printable. :)

Have fun making some! :) Be sure to pin it! 
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