puppy party! {the twins are four!}

No, I don't technically have twins but my nephew and my Aaron were born exactly two weeks apart so ever since then we often refer to them as the twins, especially come birthday time.  Sadly, last year we were unable to celebrate together but this year we were back at it!  Since both boys LOVE dogs it was decided that a puppy party would be just perfect for them! :)
It wasn't at all complicated and certainly not elaborate, just a few little details to make the birthday boys happy!
We served dog bone pb & j, puppy chow and some scooby snacks.

We had an adopt a puppy station (pups from the dollar tree). 
 My sweet friend made this just for the party and Aaron was super thrilled!
The fire hydrant was from Oriental Trading and I made each boy his own "dog food" cake using Reeses cereal (blech!) covering a chocolate frosted cake.  The boys LOVED them. :)
I made dog bone cookies, of course. 
And some cupcakes. 

 We also had a "dress like a puppy" station.  Also a huge hit!  (Dog noses from Oriental trading and I made the ears from felt and headbands).
 (I even used a real dog bowl).
 Cute puppy!
 And then the best part...
We let the birthday pups eat their cakes on the floor...like dogs. :) You see why I made extra cupcakes?

A super fun and a super easy party! :)

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