patience and stitching.

One of my words to pursue for the year is "patience".  I'm not really the most patient person, with people or projects.  I want a project done in a few hours MAX and people to just moooooove over so I can do it myself.  But I have the "want to".  I want to be patient.  I have patience to be second nature to me.  So I have been praying for patience.  And don't you know...I'm pretty sure that God hears that prayer above all others and answers it with dump trucks.  You pray for patience and He gives you ways to grow it.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Try it, I dare you.  
Along those lines, I believe that if you want to obtain something, you must pursue it.  Sometimes you have to run after it.  It won't just fall in your lap.  Unless you are pursuing apples and sitting under an apple tree. 
So, a small part of my pursuit is this little project.  It will take a year to complete.  That's about 11 months and three weeks longer than I would normally choose for myself but...I thought it would be a good challenge for me. 
It doesn't hurt that it is completely adorable.  At the beginning of each month you are emailed a new pattern to add to your sampler. 

The process has been very therapeutic.  I feel like working on this in the evenings is my reward for working hard all day. 
I truthfully almost didn't do it.  I originally bought it (and all the materials needed) for my mother in law for Christmas.  Then thought it would be a good product to build up a little patience endurance. 
I've never really cross stitched in my life.  It's very simple to learn and do.  You just have to know how to count. 
You can do this with's not too late to start.  Visit The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery to get the pattern, gather up your materials and get started!

Additionally some reminders:
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