a little of lately.

Well...January is over.  Can you believe it?  January was a month of finding rhythm.  And I think I found it.  Most weeks I make hohos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are for "other".  Weekends are for fun.   At least that's the plan.  Interruptions include snow days and sickness but overall we are making the most of 2013 so far.  How about you?  Are you making the year happen or letting it happen?  Here's how we're making it happen so far...
I've been making pancakes for the boys on Monday mornings...makes breakfast for the week and the boys love it.  WIN.
Child labor is not a crime in this house.  Work together play together, right?
Moses is unofficially in charge of the artwork in the bathroom...
Cake making for one of Doug's employees.  You never outgrow a good cake.
These are our favorite daily devotionals.  You can buy them all on Amazon.
Everyone still gets treats each week...teachers, directors, coworkers and even my mailman. 
Aaron loves dalmations.  He's getting a life sized one for his birthday this month.  He may die of Joy.
The weather here has been very Virginia.  Snow one day, riding bikes with no jackets the next.  I'm OK with that. 
Went to my first concert in years and years.  Zac Brown Band was awesome.  We had lots of fun.
Finally decorating the boys room. :)
A favorite activity on a cold day?  Bath, jets, bubble and bathroom heater. :)
Love day is coming.
Winner of January's HUGE hoho!  A new one coming! :)
I made 161 hohos in January. :) You can get on the waiting list...right now it's into mid-March.  Email me at ricracandpompoms @ gmail.com to get one!
Because I can't just watch TV...I've been working on this. :) Pattern from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.
 Every Saturday we work together to reset the house and bring it back to spotless and together.  A great way to start the weekend. 
 Family portrait collect started.  One of two I have so far from Newspaper Balloon. :) Go get one for you! :)
Everyone makes snowmen...how many people make snow-Jabba?

I hope your weekend is wonderful.  :) Time to go get on that cleaning!

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