40 ideas Num 16 - Cardboard Art!

 My boys love any reason to use "real" paint so I knew they would get a kick out of this project.
All you need is cardboard, paints and brushes.

Want to make some pretty art? 
 I started by cutting the cardboard into squares.  1in by 1in squares, the 2in by 2in all the way up until we had a square for every color of ROY G BIV.
 Next we painted.  One color at a time.
 At some point I thought some smocks would be a good idea...
 Once all the squares were painted we went and ran errands while they dried.
 When they were dry I let Moses draw a heart on each square (I think this step adds a whole other layer of adorable to the project).  I drew hearts for Aaron since he isn't quite to that stage of skill yet.
 Then I cut the hearts out using my kitchen scissors. 
 I let Aaron glue his in order...
 And then they dry again!
 So pretty!  I think the cardboard adds a nice texture, don't you?
I just LOVE the one Moses did...those skinny little hearts are so cute!
 When the glue was dry I punched a hole and added some yarn to hang them.
 And that was it.  Even Aaron stayed for the whole project, which is rare for him.

I think this would be a cute method to make some clouds or stars too!

Thanks to "A Little of Learning" for the inspiration.  She makes hers a little differently.

Have fun making some pretty art!


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