my HUGE surprise and my awesome husband.

Remember when I said I had a huge surprise to share?  Well, here he is folks!  A GIANT hoho!  But this isn't just any hoho, he has a very special mission.  This here, is a hoho for Jesus.

Ever since I started this blog, I've wanted to use it as a tool to give back, above and beyond myself.  Over the years, together{!}, we have bought nets to save people from malaria, brought water to villages and helped adoptions come together.  My heart has always been to find the best way I, and WE, could help the most people.  And this little idea was born, led, I felt, by the holy spirit.  

My goal for the new year is to make several of these giants, one at a time and raffle them off.  I want to adopt a charity for the year who will solely benefit from the raffles and sit back and watch God do something wonderful with all of portions put together.  

My first step is to find a charity.  At the moment I feel led to somewhere in Africa, with children as the focus, and I would love to hear any ideas that you may have for a good one.  I want to be able to track our progress {because how great will it be to celebrate at the end of the year?} but other than that I just want to be sure it's  a worthy, solid charity. 

If I could ask one small favor, please do not give me a lecture about how we should help "our own country's kids" before anyone else.  That hurts my heart in a special way for many reasons.  I don't feel that this is how Jesus would have us approach it because He loves them all, equally.  While there are many, many worthy causes here in the States, our government does a much better job of keeping the poor fed than most other countries {and yes, I am familiar with the government plans here in the U.S.}.

More than anything, I just want us to join together for good and make a difference in the real lives of real people.  Feel free to leave your charity ideas in the comments section.  I'll keep you posted about all of the details.    
And today happens to be the anniversary of the BEST day of my life.  I am such a blessed woman to have Doug as a husband.  He goes above and beyond to treat me wonderfully day in and day out.  I cannot imagine my life without this man...therefore I have forbid him to die before me, even by a minute. :)

I am thankful for the man that he is, for the father that he is, how hard he works, and that I never, ever have to question the stability of our marriage or the future of our relationship.

Happy Anniversary to us! :)

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