how to make quilted {or pieced} feathers.

A couple of weekends ago I set out to make a gift for a bird loving friend.  A few feathery pins on Pinterest set me off in the feather direction.  After a few days of thought and some playing around with my sewing machine and fabrics, I figured out a fun and easy way to make some pretty cute feather appliques.
Once the applique is made you can add it to pillows or curtains or a skirt if you would like.  Once you get the method down they're pretty easy to make and the color combinations are endless.

Want to make some?

You will need:
-A feather stencil.  I suggest finding a clip art or something via Google and duplicating that by either drawing it or printing it off and enlarging it to as big as you are wanting to make.
-Lots of strips of fabric of varying widths.  The length will depend on how wide your feather will feather was 5in wide so I made my strips 6in long or so.  To be sure you are making them long enough, do the first couple of steps and lay your stencil (folded in half) on them at an angle to make sure it's wide enough.
To start on the first side you will lay two strips right side together with the top piece "stepped up" about an inch...
and sew along one side. 
Open it up and press the seam with the back of your thumb nail...
Lay another piece on top of the strip on the far right, step the edge up again and sew together along the edge again...repeat until you have enough strips sewn together to suit your pattern.  Don't worry about the bottom so much as you make sure the top looks like stairs going up UP UP. 
To do the other side of the feather you are going to do the same process EXCEPT each new strip will "step down" an inch or so.  Repeat until it's as long as the other half.  Press all seams flat in the same direction.  Trim edges as shown. 
Put right sides together and sew along the straight edge. 
Open and press the center seam flat.
Using the sewable Heat and Bond and apply (according to the directions) to the back of your feather.
Trace your pattern and cut it out! You're done!
You can now add it to anything!  Just follow the directions on the Heat and Bond then sew around the edges to add some detail.  I usually do a zig-zag stitch and then a straight stitch on top of that.
Yay! So pretty and so many fun possibilities. :) Have fun making some! :) I'll try to answer any questions in the comments. :)


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