Free Hotwheels printable! {Valentines for boys!}

My friend Sara from Less Ordinary Designs is the best.  The best.  More times than I can count now I've emailed her with a vision I had but didn't have the talent to execute and she has come through for me every time.  This Valentines day isn't any different. 
Moses has started reading.  He also LOVES Valentines day.  He also does not like to talk about girls.  Or liking them.  Or loving them.  Or anything remotely involving being mushy with them.  I knew that he would be unsure about giving out Valentines that said things about liking or loving someone.

But, he is ok with being friends with them.  And he loves cars, as any boy does.  An email or two with my friend Sara and magic happened.  Again.

She took the idea in my mind and executed it perfectly into a free printable for me to share with you! 
The second miracle is that he gladly sat and filled them all in.  In one sitting.  With no whining.  
Even Aaron worked hard to write his name on each one.  
The boys LOVED the idea of giving each of their friends a little gift.  As Aaron chose his cars he would say "And this one is for Henry and this one for Natalia".  They put some thought into it.  
After you visit Sara and download the printable, you'll want to grab some of these treat bags {and some candy if you want, of course you could totally skip the candy part}.  
You simply print as many as you need.  Trim with scissors or a paper trimmer.  Fold in half and staple over your filled bag.  {You could even skip the bag, leave the car in its original packaging and staple the topper right to it!}  I folded the bags in half before I stapled the topper on {with the opening starting to the right, fold with the opening ending up on the left.}  
And that was it.  We're done and ready for Valentines day with Valentines perfect for a boy who's a little sensitive about his words to girls. :)

Want to make some?  Head on over to Sara to grab the printable and get started! :)
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