Top Ten Posts of 2012 and goals for 2013

It's been a good year to be the owner of Little Bit Funky.

I've been blessed with more features than I can list...among my favorites was a feature in Readers Digest, multiple features in popular Canadian magazines, blog features by TLC and Buzzfeed and so many more.  My blessings were more than I could count in 2013 and I am regularly smitten with my job.

I have big plans for 2013, the like of which I have never felt the need to pursue before.  Up until this point I have accepted what has fallen in my lap and worked as hard as I could with that.  This next year I plan on doing a little more pursuing and planning and shifting of things.

For one, I will only be selling hohos in my shop (and patterns).  I am going to work and focus on trying to keep my crafty ADD to a minimum in the shop and instead use that energy to create more "how-to's" here on the blog.

And I'll keep baking.  And sharing my heart and what the Lord is doing there.

I'd love to hear your ideas of what you would like to see featured? 

After you comment with that little nugget of information you can enjoy taking a peek at my top ten posts from 2012.  :)

1.  What I made for Monday - Mini Apple Pies
2.  20 Minute Crafter - DIY Photo Canvas
3.  What I made for Monday - Naughty Naughty Donuts
4.  How to replace your iPhone 4 screen!
5.  How to eat a pomegranate!
6.  Painting wooden spoons.
7.  Handprint snowman ornaments!
8.  20 Minute Crafter - Reindeer thumbprint ornaments
9.  How to turn a mason jar into a spillproof cup (with a straw)
10.  Cinnamon rolls in a waffle iron!

I wish you much love and happiness in 2013.  I am so SO very grateful for each and everyone of you that stop by and say hello.  It's kind of amazing the vast number of friends I have made through this blog, certainly something I never planned on.  But you all have made my neighborhood bigger, my Christmas card list longer and my heart fuller.  Thank you!

Happy New Year!


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