teacher gifts 2012 {how to make hand warmers}

This year was a little challenging in the "teacher gift" area because I had seven lovely ladies who cared for my boys this year.  I still wanted to spoil them a bit because I fully believe in being good to any person who spends any amount of time with any of my guys but SEVEN was going to be tough.

But with some planning and starting early I was able to pull it all together with the last one being delivered today!

Each teacher/staff/bus driver got a chapstick cozy, a tissue cozy, a tote with their initial, a pouch, a tin of homemade cookies, a mini chalkboard and a set of hand warmers.  Aaron's teachers also got an ornament with snowmen made from his handprint. 

The result is a nice little package of homemade goodness, enough to say "We love you and thank you!"

Want to make some quick hand warmers?  They only take about ten minutes...ready?
You need two cotton 5 by 5in squares and two flannel 5 by 5in squares. 
Sandwich them together like this...
Sew around the edges, leave an opening....turn right side out and iron...
Fill with 1/2 cup rice and 1 tbs of dried lavender (optional).
I made a paper funnel for this part...
...once you add the lavender sew the opening closed.  Done!
They can be warmed in the microwave for a few seconds and put in your coat pocket for warmth!

Have fun!
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