Our Christmas home...

Christmas has come and gone...but I thought I would take a post to document our Christmas home. 
Moses created some awesome art this season...I LOVE this sweet gingerbread man...
...and this adorable reindeer.  I love seeing his creations and how his art is growing. 
We made gingerbread houses that stayed in tact the whole season.
And this adorable pine cone tree is a favorite creation I have of Aaron's. 

I finally took some time on Christmas Eve to add words to my pallet tree. 

Aaron repeatedly rearranged all of the nativities he could touch so that everyone included could see baby Jesus.  
Art made by friends is best. :) 

Vintage goodness encased in jars. 

We received these ornaments from Doug's grandma.  

This whole red shelf was full of my nativities. 
Christmas tree number one...
...and number two. 
Every nook of our house was full of Christmas.  
In fact, every nook of our hearts was full of Christmas, too.


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