hohos for the holidays...

I've been busy making hohos...I try to get to two a day at the very least.
I've been selling them a little differently this year...by listing them "up for grabs" on my Instagram feed (you can find me under "littlebitfunky").   They sell out in seconds, so you have to be fast.
Out of all the things I've ever made...these are still my favorite.  I love how each has it's own little personality.  They're each one of a kind.  Wonky and wonderful.   
 Each one is made with some variety of soft "fur"...each perfectly (purposely) imperfect. 
 They're all happy little guys and gals and I've yet to get a bad review on one. :)
 My most popular ones so far are the "Star Wars" ones that I've been doing but I don't know that I could pick a favorite.  Each new one I make is my new favorite. 
Wanna snag one for yourself?  Come find me on Instagram {littlebitfunky}. I'll see you there!

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