31 days of Elf on the Shelf (31 Elf Ideas)

We had a great time with our Elf on the Shelf, Porkchop this year.  Here's our compilation of ideas to help you out next year!
1.  Porkchop brought the boys their yearly ornaments on his debut morning!
2.  Then he tp'ed the tree.
3.  He built a house of cards from our old Christmas cards.
4.  Porkchop brought the boys elf sized kisses (chocolate chips covered in Hershey papers).
5.  Roasting marshmallows by the fireplace.
6.  Potty time!
7.  Chef Porkchop made snowman donuts!
8.  Tire swing time!
9.  Move night.
10.  Sick day from too much candy!
11.  Fun with window markers.
12.  Tight rope walker!
13.  Elf fly by!
14.  Chef Elf made gingerbread cookies!
15.  Pooper scooper duty!
16.  Cookie machine. 
17.  Porkchop saved Christmas from the Grinch!
18.  Porkchop left elf seeds and dirt....
19.  ...that grew into Elf pops!
20.  Some elf style camping.  
21.  Porkchop does some painting.
22.   Elf yourself on the Ipad!
23.  Elves love syrup on spaghetti!
24.  Super Porkchop! 
25.  Shave and a haircut!
26.  Zip line!
27.  A tasty predicament!
28.  Banister sledding!
29.  Elfie selfies.
30.  Incognito elf!
31.  All packed up and heading back to the north pole!  See ya next year!

I hope you had as much fun with your elf as we did with ours!  It was worth every minute of prep and work to see how much joy this little guy brought to MY little guys!

Stay tuned for more Christmas catch up this week!


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