our elf is back!

 You remember Porkchop right?  Well he's back!  He started off his visit by bringing the boys their yearly Christmas ornament.  Moses was a little worried that he might not know how to find us in our new house but quickly decided that he could always get directions from Uncle Eric (where Porkchop had been before).
This year he had his very own door.  We've convinced the boys that it only works when an Elf uses it.
Before he made his debut, I gave him a little surgery.  Giving him bendy arms and legs required me removing his head completely, pulling out his stuffing and ripping out stitches.  Made me a little nervous but in the end...well worth it.  
 He's already up to no good and the boys love him more than ever.
Doug and I have just as much fun with him as the boys do!  I know there are many (many) people out there who don't "get it" or think it's a waste of time...but we have a blast!  The boys LOVE it, we LOVE it and to us, the extra time and "work" is well worth the joy it brings to the boys!

Are you "elfing" this year?

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