heavy hearted.

Often I pray "break my heart for what breaks yours".  I want to be compassionate and sensitive to the needs of the world around me.  Sometimes the breaking is more than I can handle.

I want to be a tool used by God to spread his love.  I want love, above all else, to be the thing that people most associate with me.

But can I let you in on something?  I am still learning how to be loving, yet boldly standing in the truth, uncompromising in the things God has set forth for our lives.

God is very clear on, well, all things.  I believe that there is no area that God leaves grey in his word.  He puts in place standards and rules for life to gently guide us in the way we are to go.

If that were the only factor to wrestle with, how easy would our lives as Christ lovers be?  So easy.  Go on with life, ask God's response to all we do, act accordingly, go on with life.

It would be so easy.

So easy.

But life on this Earth is not easy.  Never.  We have God's word, at least there is that constant.  What makes the water muddy are those who work and try to bend the rules to suit their whims, setting new and better standards for what is best, sometimes on a seemingly daily basis.

What makes the water muddy is being immersed in a society that is forever pushing the envelope of what is acceptable or OK.  What is OK today becomes barbaric tomorrow.  These societal standards, set to make people the most "happy", to be a convenience to their whims, to help everyone to feel accepted no matter how steep their sin, to make people the most comfortable, to do what we like best, is killing our country.

The ironic part is that God's standards never change.  He never shifts to suit our mood.  He is constant and always.  His dependability is amazing.   

How to be a light in this world as I struggle with my own sin?  It's the biggest breaking I am blessed with.  I don't long to be comfortable in a world that says I'm entitled to it, rather, being comfortable makes me uneasy because sin makes you comfortable.  I long instead, to be firmly planted in the Truth.  I long to be unwavering in standards, I long to extend love always yet remain planted in truth.   
I can feel the walk narrowing around me.  Standing by God's word is becoming abnormal in a country once based on it.  Christian churches are cowering from the truth to get bigger numbers.  Filling people with a false sense of OK that fades easily on a Monday morning.  Fewer and fewer Christian bloggers will speak truth instead of what will get them the most followers.

People cower from calling out sin in the name of not making anyone unhappy with them.

Somehow pleasing each other temporarily has become more important that pleasing the one we will spend eternity with.   
I for one, (sometimes painfully if I'm being honest) will struggle to produce truth as I am coming to understand it, no matter who it pleases so long as it pleases the One I will have to present it to in the end.  

I will speak the truth in love, even when it hurts because that is what we are called to do.  I will not compromise to make friends but I will fight to love all with His eyes.

I know I can't be alone in this struggle.  Are there ways you've come to speak truth despite it's pain or unpopularity?  How do you struggle with the things that break His heart?
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