20 minute crafter - make a giant star for less than $5!

Since moving we have a whole new canvas for Christmas decorating this year.  There's a large space above our front door that I wanted to hang a HUGE wreath on...only problem was that a wreath as big as I wanted was at least $60-$70.  Not gonna happen.  In the midst of my search I happened on a photo taken by my friend Trish from Daisys and Dots.
She had my $5 solution.
 Yardsticks from Lowes (on sale for .69c each), hot glue and you could stop there.  For another couple of bucks I added some outdoor paint and lights. :) Done.  Huge.  Awesome. You could even make them from fun vintage ones if you didn't want to put it outside. 
All I did for assembly was to lay them out in a star shape, fiddle with them until they were "right" and hot glue all the placed they touched with generous amounts of hot glue.  
Here is what my corners looked like if you need a little visual. 
I then painted it black (for aging purposes), then coated it in white outdoor paint.  Then covered it with some outdoor sage lights.  To add a little rustic touch I wrapped the ends in wire.

We took this one to friends as a gift and they immediately hung it on their house! 
It would make a great gift year round...why don't you go make some?

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