Where is God when bad things happen?

Some say that if God is real then bad things shouldn't happen.  I say the existence of bad things proves that God is real.

If we lived in a world where everything was perfect, where there was no war or dishonesty, where no one was ever wronged, babies never died before they were born, where marriages stayed strong forever, no one ever lied, cheated or stole...where you could count on one another to pull their own load and help you when you needed it...then what would be the point of God?  If we could pull off perfect on our own, there would be no need for a savior.  A rescuer.  A helper or an intercessor.   

Problems exist to remind us of why we need God in the first place.  If no one was ever sick, why would we need a healer?  If no one ever got lost, why would we need a shepherd?

God's grace is in every bad situation, whispering to us our need to run to Him.  Nothing in this world can sooth our savage hearts like the one who created it in the first place.

Speaking from my own experiences...which are just as dark and deep as the next persons...I have found no easier place to cling to Jesus than in the dark.  There has been no where else I want to run in times of trouble than straight to the one place I know can bring me peace.

If you are alone in the dark, it's by choice.

Since we have moved home, life has been pretty amazing.  Moving home was a lot like that scene in "The Wizard of Oz" where Dorothy steps out of black and white and into color.  Everything seems bright and happy here.  Minor issues remain minor, we spend excessive time with each other and family, Doug has off for every single holiday, vacation days are allowed and he has nearly every weekend off.

Life is about as good as I could ever imagine it to be.  But even here in this place of technicolor wonder there are challenges.  Ways the Lord nudges us to remind us of our need for him.  Even here bad exists.  Even here we are hurt and struggle at times.  All that to say that even if you are exactly where you belong, doing just what you feel you are supposed to, even there in that perfect place, bad will exist.  You can't escape it you can only choose to use it.

Use it to run to Him.  Use it as a tool for sharpening your faith.  Use it as a longing for Heaven and His presence.  Use it as a way to cling to the only person who can and will one day diminish bad forever.   

Bad is not an absence of His presence but the ultimate reminder of our need for a Savior.

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