Moses is six! Virginia Tech party!

Moses is six!  He said that the day of his party was the best day of his life, so I am counting that as a success! :) It's amazing how fast time flies...but if you are a parent, you know this, so I won't rub it in. 
I made cupcakes for him to share with his class...
...super simple to make but a cute and impressive result. 
I also sent along some bagged cookies that went along with our football theme...also super simple to make!

For the cake I used a Wilton football helmet pan...I wasn't sure I loved it at first but in the end the birthday boy was thrilled so that erased any doubt I had.

We kept gifts to the minimum.  Three gifts is our standard number for events and that seems to be just enough. 
We served simple snacks and cake.  He ended up inviting four boys from his class and we just mailed them invites.  We also talked with him about not talking about his party at school and that seemed to work well.  

For the garland I cut tissue paper into 1in by 6-7in strips and bunched and sewed them together...I love the result.  Balloons are just strung together with needle and thread.  
This mix is addicting...pumpkins, bugles, M&M's, peanuts and candy corn.  

We gave out simple favors made up of goodies from the dollar section, minus the lollipops. 

We also enjoyed our new corn hole set...made by yours truly.  
It's sure to get lots of use. 

Moses is such a great kid.  He's happy and sensitive, his teachers love him and trust him with responsibilities.  He is loving and protective with others who are smaller than him (most of the time).  We regularly hear great things about him from others, just enough to encourage us in this crazy trip known as parenthood. We love him and can't wait to see what he does with all of his awesomeness. :)  

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