20 minute crafter - chapstick cozy - {five minute edition}

Need to make a bunch of gifts for not much and in a hurry?  This craft costs pennies to make, uses scraps of fabric and takes less than five minutes to make.  Package them cutely and they would make great teacher, neighbor, secret santa gifts and more. :) Wanna make some? 
You need two pieces of heavy weight fabric measuring 2in by 9in each.  If you want to use quilting cotton just strengthen them by adding a layer of heavy weight iron on interfacing OK?  You will also need a d-ring in 2in size (search etsy for "d-ring").  
With the right sides together sew along three sides of your pieces using 1/4in seam.  Clip the corners. 
Turn right side out, push out corners using scissors or chop stick, press with iron, tucking in the un-sewn end by about 1/4in but not sewing closed yet.  
Fold up closed end about 2 1/2in.  Press with an iron. 
Sewing as close to the edge as you can (I think I used about 1/8in) sew along the three sides as shown. 
Fold the open end down an inch.  Press with an iron.  
Slide d-ring into place and using your machine sew along the open edge.  
Add your favorite brand of chapstick and you've got a great little gift in less than five minutes! Keeps your chapstick handy on your keys and keeps you from having to dig around in your purse!  :)

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