talking about emergencies (how to call 911)

With the death of a local mother of small children, my brain started to spin with the "what if's"...I am pretty good to not lean into those thoughts and let then take over but instead approach them with a practical "how can I help this situation" kind of thinking.  So while turning it over in my mind, I realized that while my kids can play games on my phone with ease, they have no idea how to use it as a phone OR what to do if mom doesn't wake up one morning. 

As NOT FUN as these conversations are, I think they go a long way to peace of mind and I pray they give the boys something to think back on if they ever need to use it. 

In our case, we told the boys that if after trying really hard they were unable to wake me one morning, to go to our neighbors house and bang on the door until they answered to tell them that they needed help.  We even talked to the boys WITH that neighbor to relay the same information and he even showed the boys which was his bedroom window and told them to bang on that until they woke up. 

We've also been sure to talk about what is an emergency and what isn't.  We've reminded Moses that he needs to keep his brother with him, to watch out for cars, etc.  They seem to get it as much as they can at their ages.  We will continue to discuss it as different issues or concerns come up.

In case that doesn't work, I'm making a "picture book" of sorts and we will be reading it together until the boys have it memorized (which has been done with dozens of books by this point!).  
This book will basically teach them how to call 911 on my phone if getting help from the neighbor isn't possible.  I will even allow them to "practice" some to get the idea.

I will be having these pictures printed and put in a couple of small photo albums for the boys to have and one that we will keep in a central location.  

I will fill in the last page with our address, which we will help the boys memorize, and the phone numbers of our relatives that live nearby. 

I'm putting these up here for you to use as well.  
Feel free to pull them to your desktop and print them to make your own picture book and talk to your kids as well!  Make the scary things less scary and talk to your kids about them!

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