i'm curious - chime in. :)

We're approaching our first birthday with a child in elementary school.  It changes things a bit in that Moses has this huge pool of people that could potentially be included in his birthday celebration, but Doug and I have concluded that we aren't that family. 

I find huge kid parties overwhelming and Moses is naturally introverted so that made our decision of who to include easy: we let Moses pick who he wants to come.  As it turns out, he chose four boys from his class whose names I hear often.  He's happy, we're happy. 

We will be sending invitations in the mail or via email and we've talked to Moses about being sensitive to others in regards to his party.  We will also be sending treats to share with the whole class on his birthday so everyone is included on some level.    

I asked the question on my Facebook page: What side are you on: everyone should be invited to the party or let your child choose?  And the answers were both interesting and varied. 

While I don't feel the need to invite every child in the class, I would also never allow Moses to exclude one or two people purposely.  I would never hand out invites in front of other children or allow Moses to make others feel bad about not coming. 

My kids have been excluded from things in the past and I am sure it will happen again in the future.  That's part of life right as I see it and a chance to teach them valuable lessons.  I don't think less of the parents or the kids who have excluded my kids but maybe that's not normal of me.  Of course, I also don't believe in participation trophies either...so there is that.

So I'm curious...what's your stance?  Does everyone get an invite or do you let your child choose?

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