three pinterest pins for the win!

1) This amazing camera art...for $16 total including frame.  Frame from Michaels on sale 40% off and free art printed at Staples for about $3.77!  The folks at Design Editor offer the art for FREE!
2) Do you make bacon like this?  You should!  Bacon laid flat on parchment paper, place in cold over, warm up to 400 and cook anywhere from 15-20 minutes until it reaches your perfect level of done! 
Bacon was perfect!  Parchment paper caught ALL of the grease, when it solidified I just threw the paper away and didn't even have to clean the pans!  Idea from Martha!
3) See that scrubber?  It's full of half dish soap and half vinegar.  I keep in in the shower and use it while IN the shower to give the shower a once over.  Has made a HUGE difference and no having to clean the tub separately!  It works so well that I put one the in boys tub and now THEY clean the tub!

What have you done from pinterest lately? 

***Side note...while browsing and pinning away on Pinterest, please be sure that you dig into a pin until you get to the original source!  I try try try to do this, and yes I miss some, but if we can all take some time to make sure every pin we use is properly credited, then everyone wins!

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