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First things first...bus riding is a success! He loved it.  It makes him so happy to ride the bus!  He's done so well and loves it so much that he's going to start riding it HOME too and not just in the morning.  This was a huge step for me...want to know the hardest part for me?  Guilt.  Pure guilt over letting someone else do "my job" and feeling like I was being lazy in "just" putting him on the bus. 

Once I had an inkling that I was doing something to Moses that was for my benefit and not his...well, conviction set it.  Not to mention a little harassing by certain relatives in my life. :)  
I've been making these adorable baby hats using a pattern from Oodles4Noodles.  It's a free, easy pattern that is great for beginners.  I may be adding them to my shop since football season is upon us and I need something to do during those endless hours.  :)  
Once I got the hang of her pattern, I altered it to make bigger sizes.  Hers is only for newborns but with a little manipulation, I was able to make a larger size.  Next up...kid-sized ones!
I am taming the endless stream of paper that comes home from school.  What I don't want gets thrown away immediately and the keepers get put in these new, clean pizza boxes and will be stored under a bed or in a closet.  Label it with name and year and limit yourself to JUST this much and your paper monster will be tamed!
Finally getting caught up with penpal packages!  I like to reuse empty Crystal Lite tubs!
And I am so thrilled to finally share this little bit of info...A few months ago my friends Aaron and Jeremy asked if I would start working with them at their photography business called Enigma.  I know I've mentioned them before and I have always looked up to these guys.  It was an honor to be asked to work along side them behind the scenes and I am thrilled to that part.  But THEN they asked if I would be interested in also doing infant and child photos for them as well!  I'm blown away by their trust in my abilities and I am so excited to learn and grow as a photographer.  Above is a favorite from my first shoot under their name. :) Enigma is no joke...they have been voted the number one photographer by theKnot.com three years in a row! You can see the rest of my favorites by visiting my Flickr page. 

And finally.  I am forever being asked how I get so much done in a day.  I found this article by The Stressed Mom and it fits me to a T.  I could have written the post and follow all the "rules" she mentions.    I would also add that I don't watch TV during the day (or ever!) without doing something else at the same time...laundry, blogging, crafty stuff, etc.  I hardly turn on the TV during the day in the first place but sometimes I will watch a little Dateline while Aaron naps. :) If you implement these things into your life...I promise you will see a positive difference!

I hope your day is WONDERFUL and I am thankful for you! 

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