raising my ebenezer - part six

You can click HERE to read the first five parts.  This one is maybe my favorite...not because it's huge and grandiose but for me, it's personal and speaks to a desire in my heart that few more than the Lord knew about.

Many people will tell you that God is not as alive and active today as He once was.  That "back then" He did mighty works and miracles but that now we are kind of just mucking along until Jesus comes back.  And I would say that is just not true.  I think we just have to fight a little harder to find the details in His work because we are so very good at clogging up our days, hours and minutes with "busy" so that others will notice our importance.  As a stay at home mom, I know I feel the need to work extra hard and feel extreme guilt if I sit too long on the couch...I feel the need to be able to recall the days events to make sure I "measure up"...to whomever happens to ask.  Not that anyone recently in my life has done that, nor would I expect them to but you know what I mean...busyness becomes our days work and it sullies the details of what we should see and do.

Not a day goes by that our Creator does not paint us a new sunrise, with new flowers and things to look at.  Not a moment goes by that the wind does not blow through a grain field providing a grand little show for us.  The waves never stop their awesome splendor.  The clouds are ever moving and changing.  You couldn't recreate the perfect day if you tried because every single ones is different.  God is ever trying to show us how much He loves us by giving us new beauty to gaze upon every day.  Much like our children do with their drawing of this or that.

Sadly, many of those awesome days go by without notice because the busy becomes too important.  I'm thankful for the awareness of simplicity.  Of days with no plans that unfold at the whim of friends who come to call or unexpected phone calls.  It's these slower paced kind of days that I find I notice more of what God is bringing to show me.

For as long as I can remember, I've loved a garden.  To plant a seed and watch it grow.  I'm fascinated by what can happen over night or after a strong summer storm. At our house in Charlottesville, we were mostly shade.  I tried every "traditional" spot in our yard to grow veggies and finally, I told Doug that if we lived there any longer, I was digging up the grass to claim the one sunny spot that would grow a veggie garden.  While we were praying to move, it was my mostly secret prayer to be moved in time to plant a veggie garden, to have a place to plant it and sunshine in abundance.  I've always wanted beds of sunflowers and daisies and tomatoes and anything else I could grow.

I prayed that prayer and tucked it away.

I bought seeds in good faith knowing that there was a time limit.  For a long time it looked like we would be able to move into our new house well past the date where it would be advisable to plant anything.  But at least I had next year.  Right?

Wouldn't you know that we were able to move in in record time?  Weeks before the realtor thought would be possible.

June 15th was our move in day.  And the latest advised time for planting on the back of every pack of seeds I bought?  Mid June.  Otherwise known as June 15th. 

A small detail but huge at the same time.  Easily missed and lost in shuffle if I had let it be.  
Proof that my Father hears the desires of my heart and gives me good gifts. 

Not only do we have beds of daisies and sunflowers and veggies to our eyeballs...but there isn't a spot in our yard that isn't full sun. 

And I have next year.  :)
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