raising my ebenezer . part five.

You can click HERE to read the first four parts.  This is such a firm and fun testament that God does work in our day to day, we just need to stop and look. 

So.  Doug had a new job.  In a town that was 2 1/2 hours away.  When he started that job we had no where to live in our new town (which happened to be the place we loved most of all!!).  Doug lived with his brother for a month and more while the boys and I started packing, finishing up the school year and got ready to move out of Charlottesville.

**As a little side note...remember how I said that Doug didn't get any time off...we had to cancel or alter plans because he could NEVER get a day off?  When Doug quit Target he had over 7-8 weeks of leave available.  We weren't sure if he would lose that or what.  God took care of it and Doug was paid for EVERY vacation day and TOOK every personal day.  When Doug put in his two weeks, that he had every intention of working out, they actually told him "We would rather you DIDN'T work it and use up your personal days".  WHAT?!?!  God is crazy awesome.  He gave us back all that time we had lost. :)

Back to the housing stuff...

The place we now live is a college town.  That makes finding a home for a FAMILY a little tricky.  There just isn't much in the way of houses advertised for rent to families.  I scoured each and every website I could get my hands on including every realty website, craigslist and anything else I could think of.  I would find something that looked good and then something would pop up wrong with it.  One house shared a street with several sexual predators.  Another was cute but in a terrible part of town.  Another was in a school district that I knew better than to send my kids to (I worked there for a couple years).  Another had a weird landlord situation.  On and on we went.  I looked at every possible house for rent in the area.  Nothing.  So I got the brilliant idea to start emailing realtors of houses that were for SALE that we liked.  Not that we wanted to buy but I knew that the housing market was in bad shape...so maybe we could find someone willing to rent to us.    

I got rejection after rejection but I felt the need to keep asking.  And ask I did.  Until one day...I got a response from a realtor (who turned out to be the number ONE realtor in our new area - coincidence?  I think not!) who said that he may have an investor interested in buying a house we had asked about and renting it out.

Guess what?  I stopped looking for houses.  That day.  I KNEW this was our house.  I just knew God would work out all of the details.  We went out of town for Mother's day and didn't really give finding a house a second thought.    

I left the realtor our number and went about our business.  A week or two down the road he called us and said that his investor had not gotten back to him but then he said something that I will never forget.  "There is just something about you guys, I think I will buy this house myself and rent it to you".  And he did.  Doug saw the house and agreed to a two year lease.

I never saw this house until the day our moving truck pulled up out front.  The house is awesome.  It's more than I could have ever hoped for based on what we saw for rent around here.   

Every day that we are here, I cannot believe the blessings that have been absolutely POURED out on us.   

And then there is my favorite part...that will come with part six.  :)
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