raising my ebenezer - how Moses saved Aaron

Yes, I realize that I have completed my story on our house and moving and all that.  But I keep feeling this nagging (or maybe it's a gentle nudging) to keep this series open ended.  After all, God uses each intricate detail of our life as part of a bigger story.  The details alone may not seem all that awesome but when you take the time to step back and look, you may be amazed at what you see.  So for now, as the stories come, from formation or memory, I will use this spot as a way to share the miraculous things that God has done for me and I hope it will encourage you to do the same, because He does indeed work miraculously in all of our lives.  
This story is a tough one for me to share.  It still makes me highly emotional and you will see why.  You may not know, because I don't talk about it much, but I wholeheartedly believe that Moses saved Aaron's life long before Aaron was ever born.  I fully believe that the details of Moses' birth set into motion actions that saved Aaron's life.

Let's start from the beginning.  I naturally went into labor with Moses.  We watched the season premiere of Lost with friends, with minor random contractions all through the show and went home.  We got home and the contractions were still irregular, I wasn't alarmed and pretty sure I told Doug "If this IS it, we will need our sleep."  So we went to bed.  I woke up at 2:30am to my water breaking.  Still no major contractions.  Got ready, went to the hospital and shortly after was informed that I was too far along for an epidural.  SAY WHAT?!  I am NOT a natural birth advocate.  I wanted drugs.  As far as I was concerned, unless a natural birth would make my baby cuter, my butt smaller and my baby weight FALL off, I was not interested.  But I was denied my precious epidural.  I hallucinated from the pain it was SO bad.  They did give me something that did NOTHING.  I felt every bit and Moses was born a very swift four hours after my water broke.  No one could believe he came so fast.  Every doctor that I have ever mentioned that to is shocked that a first baby came so fast.  They tell you that the first takes forever, in general.  Not the case here.  Little Moses was born at 6:24am or so.  He was also born with the umbilical cord cinched around his little neck.  Thankfully it wasn't too tight or too far gone and all was well.  Little did we know what foreshadowing we had just witnessed.  
Fast forward less than two years later.  Moses is awesome and we love him of course.  He's such an easy baby that we are ready to try again and get pregnant with ease. 

Now let me tell you, at this point my feelings on drugs with birth had not changed.  From the moment of conception, I knew I wanted an epidural when Aaron was born.  I am not kidding when I say that from my very first prenatal appointment with Aaron I advocated and BEGGED to be induced.  There was something in me that would NOT let my doctors ignore me or my requests.  It was more than just not wanting to deal with the pain.  Something more was pushing me to make SURE that I was induced.  Doug was working overnights and we were alone in Charlottesville.  God laid all of these details in our path to ensure that I kept begging.  I am sure that not a single visit went by without me bringing it up.  By the last third of our pregnancy it was the first and last thing I talked about with every doctor. 

I would relay how fast my first came, how the second is supposed to come twice as fast, how my husband worked nights, how I was alone with a two year old on those nights with no one to call.  I was insistent beyond any earthly reason that I MUST BE INDUCED. 

Finally they relented.  I don't know if I just annoyed them enough or what, but they finally scheduled my induction for a time that was before my due date but also safe for the baby.  And let me tell you people, all the while this induction was not for my convenience.  I didn't WANT a nice afternoon birth or it to fit nicely in my schedule.  There was something more that was driving me, and I am sure crazy pregnant hormones didn't help the matter but deep inside me I KNEW that it needed to happen this way.

So one happy day in February we got the call to come in, we left Moses at home with a sitter and went off to the hospital.  We got checked in and shortly after starting the induction they offered me my precious epidural.  I gratefully accepted.  I also remember them asking Doug if he would like to cut the cord and of course he did, just like with Moses. 

Things went smoothly, some pushing happened and Aaron was born.  Completely silent. 

Even in my stupor I knew something wasn't right. 
They didn't let Doug cut the cord. 
They didn't hand him over to me. 
They didn't even let me see him. 
Doug was by my side and I may have yelled for him to go to Aaron. 
They had taken him to the incubator to work on him.
I couldn't see what was going on.
Somehow I learned that the cord was around his neck and they were having trouble getting it off, it was so tight.  SO tight. 

I'm not sure how long he was quiet but it was long enough to scare me.  I remember thinking SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM.  I waited and begged for him to SCREAM.

Then he did.  He did.  He did. 

The most glorious noise ever. 

It may have taken a few days or hours but eventually I was able to connect the dots.  If Moses' birth hadn't been so painful and quick we would have had no reason to insist on an induction with Aaron.  There would have been no reason for alarm.  No push to get it scheduled.   I would never even had considered induction. 

And I firmly believe that given another couple of hours or days at the most we wouldn't have Aaron today.  He was born just in time.  Just before the cord was too tight.  Just before he couldn't breathe anymore.  Just in time.   

Moses' hurried entrance into the world set into motion the actions we would take to welcome his brother just in time.  God used my pain for good.  And He always does.  He always does.   
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