pallet to coat rack - another pinterest win

It takes a while to get settled into a new home.  When we moved into this house there was no need for anywhere to hang a jacket or a was summer and we didn't use those things.  As school has started and the mornings have become cool enough for a jacket, it became apparent that we needed a better solution than the back of the dining room chairs or the floor by the door.

I started looking into tradition coat racks.  You know, the tall, weapon shaped, spears that were not only ridiculously expensive but guaranteed to be knocked over repeatedly.  My next stop in the search was pinterest.  I found THIS genius post by Shelterness and knew I had my where to find the perfect pallet? 
My husband to the rescue.  He came home from work with a pallet that was made not only for the project but also for the very space I had in mind to hang it.  All I did was spray paint it black, then white primer and then painted all the different colors.  Then I gave it a good sanding.  The black and white layers give it great texture when you sand it.  
Then I added a bunch of industrial type hooks and attached it firmly to the wall.  
Done in a day.  And now we have a great place for all the jackets and bags to come that can't be turned into a weapon!

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