exciting happenings.

2012 has shaped up to be a pretty epic year for me and my little business.  I could never have imagined all the awesome things that January 1st would open the door to.  I've had an amazing flood of features, so many that I've literally lost count.  I'm thankful and blown away by each one.  These two however, landed in my mailbox.  Chatelaine is one of the top Canadian magazines and Readers Digest is pretty high up on the most circulated magazines list both here and in Canada.  Both of them recently featured my wooden spoon project.  
Amazingly fun to see MY work and MY name and MY website in print...in some pretty popular magazines to boot.  
I already have some more features lined up for 2013 but I can't mention those yet...but just as big and awesome. 

I've also been recently featured on Babble, Wired and so many other fun places. 

I'm overwhelmed with gratefulness. 

I'm amazed at my blessings.

I'm motivated to push more. :)
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