daydream believer... {headboard from scrap wood}

After we moved a couple of months ago we went to set up Moses' bed only to discover that we had lost the hardware that we needed to assemble it!  I searched everywhere and was pretty disappointed in myself for not putting it with all of the other hardware stuff that we needed to assemble things (in my jewelry box!).  The other night I decided that I would just give up the search and go to Lowe's and get new bolts.  I went to look at Moses' frame and there was the hardware!  I had put it BACK into the holes it belonged in for safe keeping.  Apparently making myself too smart for my own good!

So anyways...Moses' bed got assembled and suddenly Aaron's bed looked naked.  He only had a frame, box spring and mattress.  I decided he NEEDED a headboard that minute.  And a couple of hours later...
Here it is!  Made entirely from scrap wood, paint and screws that I already had around the house!  It didn't cost me a penny more to make something that I completely LOVE! 
I used the same method as my "Oh Happy Day" sign but added legs that were the appropriate height to make it a headboard.  I can attach it to the frame if I want but for now it's just propped back there.  
I'm pretty stinking pleased with it.  And if we are ever done with it as a headboard I can just cut the legs down and I have a pretty cute sign! 
I love that it cost me nothing but a little time and digging around for supplies!

And...I just wanted to say that I think we are recovering from all of the changes we've had know, moving, kindergarten, new jobs, etc.  I have so many cool things to share with you and I am hoping that FINALLY we can have the kind of schedule that will help me be a better blogger. :)

In the mean time, thank you for hanging in there,  thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday and please let me know if there is something that I can do here that you would like to see! :)


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