speed warp summer.

I feel like life has hit top speeds in the last month since we moved here.  Or has it been three weeks?  Either way, I find that I am still struggling to figure out the pattern of our new days.  With Doug's new job our entire way of life has been flipped upside down...in a good way...but still.  We've lived a certain way for years and years and now we have to find a new normal.  I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do here...so here's our life in the last three weeks...via instagram.

Above are a few treasures I found at a new to us thrift store.   
I started this...I am disgusted with me.  Technically I am doing it on my elliptical but it still sucks so it still counts. 
 I gave this $4 goodwill table a little chevron makeover. 
We had a "derecho" and lost power for 14 hours.  Which is DAYS less than many people lost it for. 
Then the next night we had an equally creepy storm.  
Then we headed to NJ for the 4th.  
I spent hours working on my blanket on the way there and that. 
 We went to a 4th of July parade.  The boys filled gallon bags with candy that was thrown to them.  Pretty much the best day of their lives. 
Moses was told that the more he waved his flag, the more candy he would get.  Here you can see him problem solving by covering his ears because of the firetrucks while also continuing to wave his flag.  
While in NJ we took the boys to this place, where Doug and his sister were taken a lot as kids.  Aaron started a riding mower.  Indoors.  By himself.  We made a quick exit.
We made giant bubbles. 
The boys went on a boat ride with their bopbop. 
We got the back to school shopping done!  Someone is very excited for Kindergarten.  Yep, that's all we have to buy.  
Scored some awesomeness at goodwill.  That's a hand sewn hexie quilt top.  
The hutch got an immediate makeover.  
CVS paid me .43c per item here.  Paid me.  
And then.  I lost seven pounds in less than 12 hours.  Of course it came at the cost of the worst case of food poisoning I've ever had. 

I'm still recouping but hopefully the worst has past.  I'm looking forward to a good nights sleep to completely get me back to normal.

So that's my summer so far...how's yours?
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