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I've been asked by BlogHer and Huggies to take some walks down memory lane and explore some (what I think will be) FUN subjects about babies and having them and getting ready for them and all the fun stuff that goes with THEM! I volunteered for this series for selfish reasons. I think it will be a great way to document some thoughts and feelings that maybe I haven't shared before but should have. I hope you will enjoy them, too!

Today is all about how to get your hubby involved in the whole pregnancy...which may seem tricky considering that you are doing all the "real" work.

Maybe I'm part of a couple that isn't the norm...but involving my husband in my pregnancy was not a difficult task. I think it all comes down to communication. First, you have to communicate to your husband what your needs are (always! But especially during this time) and have your husband communicate with you his needs and the particular things about the pregnancy that he wants to be a part of.

Now clearly, he can't carry the baby but there are loads of ways your husband can help. You can start by helping to feel the baby kick as soon as you think he would be able to...nothing confirms the fact that a baby is coming quite like feeling those little kicks. Also, while it wasn't really our thing, some husbands enjoy talking to the baby, too.

Your husband might also feel involved by caring for you! My husband was always quick to offer (or oblige a request for) a foot or back rub. He was also great at a craving run! Pizza at 10pm? He's on it. An ultra-mega-huge fountain soda because everyone in a 20-mile- radius knows YOU? He did it with joy. Having someone care for you in these ways benefits you both--you feel loved and he feels like he is (and IS) providing a great service to you.

Another huge way your husband can be involved is with baby prep! Ask him his opinions on things like cribs, clothes, swings, strollers, etc. Take him with you to register for all those fun baby gifts. Make sure you value his opinion and take his suggestions seriously. The more you make your husband feel like this is his baby too, the more he will feel involved in your pregnancy.

Another good way to get the hubby in on the "action" is to take him to your doctor appointments with you! In both of my pregnancies I think Doug missed two or three appointments. It's such a fun time, especially when you get to hear the heartbeat and see the baby. Encourage your husband to ask questions too...though I am pretty sure that Doug never said a word. I always joked with him about introducing him to the doctor as 'my mute husband, Doug'. And for the record, I always made Doug sit up by my head for those appointments so if that freaks your husband out, you can suggest he do the same.

Those are just a few ways you can include your husband in your pregnancy. Like I said, communication is the key! Ask your husband what he would like to do, participate in, choose, etc. Listen to and be gentle with his thoughts and feelings too!

What are some ways you got your husbands involved?

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