easy cheese fries. and AMAZING ranch dip!

I am one of those people who sees food as a friend.  I love food.  Cheese fries are one of my absolute FAVORITES and sadly for the first 32 years and 11 months of my life I could only get them at restaurants.  And then it was hit or miss. 

I found a pin on pinterest to cheese fries that promised not to disappoint.  It KIND OF disappointed but I was able to doctor it up enough to make it A WINNER!!! That is why I am not linking to my original pin...I don't want to hurt someones feelings when I say that my cheese fries are way better. :)

Here is what you need. 

Approx five potatoes.  Washed.  Cut into thick fries. 

Coat with olive oil in a bowl (use approx 1/4c).  Drain off excess oil. 
Place in a pan lined with foil and sprinkle with seasoned salt, salt and pepper. 

I LOVE the non-stick foil for jobs like these...totally worth the extra $$. 

Bake in the oven at 400 degrees for approx 40 minutes.  Or until fries are tender. 

When fries are ready, top with
1- 1/2cup of cheddar cheese (I use extra sharp)
3/4c to 1c of mozzarella cheese. 
Top with real bacon bits (1/2c).
Add 1/4c or so of green onions. 

Return to the oven for a few minutes until cheese is melted. 

You can use the foil to transfer the fries to a platter for eating.

While the fries are baking make this AMAZING RANCH DIP!!!

You need:
1 cup of sour cream
1/4c of milk
1/2c of ranch dressing
1 packet of ranch dip mix

Mix that all together and dip those dang fries in it!!  To me, this dip is the difference in ok fries and "LAY OFF MY FRIES" fries. 


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